Motion Graphics
I have a strong sentiment towards continuous learning. One such topic for me, was animation. It used to scare me, heck, even annoy me. I'd see these wonderful motions taking place, and I felt defeated before I even entered the ring. So, one day, I stepped forward and faced the challenge of coming to terms with the amazing potential animation provides. I enrolled in one of the introductory courses provided by School of Motion, and after eight weeks, not only was I capable of simple methods, but intermediate techniques as well.
Since my time during that course, I've been able to utilize my understanding of animation to great effect elsewhere, for example, when using prototypes in Figma, or adjusting animation timing within a plugin that has built in goodies.
Anyhow, enjoy the watch!
The first deliverable that incorporated audio. I was hooked. I wanted to match every possible syllable and make the typography steal the show. Arguably my favourite piece during the eight week course, and a style I plan to use in the future whenever projects like this arise.
Designed In: After Effects
Audio Provided by: School of Motion
In this assignment we had a few track options to source from, and I gravitated towards this one in particular. Something about its essence had me skipping along mentally to the beat. I smiled fairly often when working on this piece, and still feel very fondly about its end result.
Designed In: After Effects
Audio Provided by: School of Motion
The final deliverable in the School of Motion curriculum in regards to the After Effects Kickstarter course. A 30 second commercial based on a fictional product. Ultimately, it provided an opportunity to utilize the methods that were learned in a short amount of time. It felt incredible seeing what I was able to do, when eight weeks prior I was still tilting my head slightly at After Effects.
Designed In: After Effects
Artwork Provided by: Ariel Costa
Audio Provided by: School of Motion

Artwork made by: Ariel Costa

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